Classic Sliding Window

Classic Sliding Window

SHIRE WINDOWS & DOORS are keenly aware that other standard residential products in this category do not compare with the Carinya Sliding Window which has been designed by ALSPEC, renowned market leader in the supply of commercial grade aluminium products. Not previously available in the residential range, the Carinya Sliding Window has demonstrable advantages in both aesthetics and performance and is now proudly supplied by SHIRE WINDOWS & DOORS.

Apart from the modern smooth lines of this premium stylish product which favourably compare with more expensive commercial windows, some features of the outstanding engineering used include:

* An exclusive handle located on the mullion for ease of access and cleaner lines.

* In-built weather flaps to reduce air and water infiltration, cover drain slots and minimise insect entry.

* Proprietary adjustable, non-corrosive roller system – the ‘engine room’ of these high performance windows – as cited by ALSPEC, their designer and manufacturer, provides a smooth gliding motion for ease of operation.

* Anti-lift block fitted above the sash to prevent manipulation and increase security with mullion and transom end caps to guard against insect incursion.

* Designed for all major forms of eco-friendly glazing options such as Low E glass, the system is suitable for glass thickness from 4mm,10.5mm and up to 18mm for double glazing, offering superior thermal and acoustic performance. The heavier gauge glazing options do not require any unattractive additions, unlike some other domestic products.

* Fully certified to bushfire conditions up to BAL-40, complying with AS2047.

* Powder coating or anodising options are available for colour match selections.

* Streamlined Hardware – The Carinya Classic Sliding Window has been designed with matching stylish hardware, with the option for a lockable or non-lockable proprietary handle.

➢ The slimline handle design, mounted in an easily accessible position on the rear of the sliding sash, offers ease of use and decreases view obstruction.

➢ Proprietary commercial rollers are used which maximise the function and durability of the product and ensure windows will always be easy to open, even with large sashes and heavier glass options.

➢ Sashes feature corner blocks in all four corners of the sliding sash, making the sash more rigid and reducing twisting and movement. This movement reduction increases the smooth operation of the window by decreasing opportunities for air and water infiltration.

➢ An optional vent lock is also available allowing the sliding sash to be secured in a semi-opened position for increased safety.

Thanks to the strength of ALSPEC’s commercial operations, this premium product of superior design and performance, normally beyond the homebuilders budget, is now attainable providing an investment in excellent quality at an affordable price. Request a quote from SHIRE WINDOWS & DOORS, suppliers of this pedigree product.

The entire Carinya Collection has been fully tested to meet or exceed Australian Standards AS2047, AS1170, AS1191and AS3959.


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