Bi-fold Doors & Windows

Bi-fold Doors & Windows

Shire Windows & Doors are suppliers of the Carinya Select System of Bi-Fold Doors & Windows for the residential market to builders and home owners, offering a superior product for the discerning home owner.

The Select Bi-Fold system is a premium solution for those desiring superior performance and style in the outdoor area of their home. The Carinya Select range has been designed by ALSPEC, highly regarded market leader in the design and supply of commercial innovative aluminium systems.

The Carinya Select Top & Bottom Bi-Fold System offers modern stylish lines and a host of features to ensure smooth operation & durability, including:

* Flat sill options for smooth accessibility and optional mid-rails with multi-point locking in a range of opening configurations.

* The Carinya Bi-Fold extrusions are a consistent 85mm wide face on both the stiles and rails. This allows a balanced visual face and a vast array of hardware lock options. Combined with commercial grade spigots, these door panels are superior in strength and performance.

* The Bottom rolling Bi-Fold system features the innovative F2/F3 Centor Bottom rolling hardware which negates the requirement for any structural beam, as needed in a top hung Bi-Fold system, thus eliminating the additional cost of a structural beam in Alfresco style openings.

* The Top rolling Bi-Fold system features the ALSPEC commercial grade E2A Centor rolling hardware which has been used and proven over time in commercial projects.  This is ideal for the new construction market desiring an Alfresco style opening.

* The Carinya attention to detail includes concealed flush bolt brackets, reducing visible fixings, as well as custom extrusion design allowing for clean interaction with door hardware.  The Centor hardware is of the highest quality which is backed by a 10 year warranty.

* Designed for all major forms of eco-friendly glazing options such as Low E glass, the system is suitable for glass thickness to 10.5mm or up to 24mm for double glazing, offering superior thermal and acoustic performance.

* Fully certified to bushfire conditions up to BAL-40, complying with AS2047.

* Powder coating or anodising options are available for colour match selections.

* Screening: Using the Centor S1E system allows for the screen to be completely retractable into the door jamb when not in use.  Carinya products have been designed to accept screening products without the need for unsightly adaptors or added material.

* Streamlined Hardware: For a professional finish, The Carinya Select Bi-Fold Door has been designed to blend with the hardware, all locks and flush bolts blending seamlessly with the custom extrusion.

  • The sashes feature a commercial door spigot, allowing a strong and robust panel for enduring use making the panel free of twist and movement.
  • Standard lock hardware options include ASLPEC’s custom Australian made Killar Fuirniture, combined with Lockwood’s proven Optimum mortice lock. Fitting snug within the stile and allowing an extended backset, this lock removes the common issue of minimal key distance to the jamb.  Other lock options include commercial lock sets and furniture, as well as two and four point locking on the active leaf panel.
  • Custom flush bolt guides have been designed to remove visible fixings fro the extrusion faces, allowing a tighter integrated sealing, saving potential energy costs while giving a professional, uninterrupted clean visible surface.
  • Killara Xtra Furniture allows for an internal snib option with lock indicator and two or four point locking for all configurations.

This premium system of superior design and performance is available for many applications such as new residential construction, renovations, low-rise multi-unit developments and even aged care and wheelchair requirements. Request a quote from Shire Windows & Doors, suppliers of this outstanding product.

The entire Carinya Collection has been fully tested to meet or exceed Australian Standards AS2047, AS1170, AS1191and AS3959.


Bi-fold Doors & Windows

Shire Windows & Doors are suppliers of the Carinya Select System of Bi-Fold Windows & Doors for the residential market. The Carinya Select Bi-Fold System offers modern stylish lines and a host of features to ensure smooth operation and durability.


Residential Windows

We are suppliers of the Carinya Range of Windows including:
* Classic Sliding Window
* High Performance Sliding Window
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* Select Bi-Fold Window


Residential Doors

We are suppliers of the Carinya Classic Sliding Door Range. The Carinya Sliding Door offers a combination of elegant modern styling, durability and a host of performance features amongst its many attributes.



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